Grow Deeper Roots

root of the fallen big treeGrow deeper roots! Yesterday I drove past my old house or should I say the plot where it used to be. It was by no stretch of the imagination a tear down, but because the new owners have so much money they could have it even better than it was. 

I saw the old tree that both my daughters used to park under and as I kept walking to the back of the hill I realized that is why they tore it down. The house sat on a mountain with a view of NYC in the backyard. They will now be closer to the edge. It will be magnificent, but I preferred having the longer larger backyard. There were many a beautiful nights spent out there teaching yoga around the pool with the stars in the sky and the twinkling lights of the city.

There were so many wonderful memories from that house and that land. For reasons at the time, I could not get past, I had to leave there. Now standing on the lot all I could remember were the good times. I guess that’s a blessing but it hurts at the same time.

My ex had made the decision to sell the house to people who would tear it down. It doesn’t really matter because we weren’t there anymore anyway. The roots had been broken.

 I did have an overwhelming sad feeling that if I had only been stronger back then to face the ugly parts, the home, myself and a place of roots for my children to return to would have still been there. 

So many changes happened last year, my two daughter’s father passing, my own father’s failing health and mental state, and the house being torn down were like loosing a limb.  Even my son graduating from eight grade and now going to high school is a bittersweet milestone. 

How does a tree stay standing through storms? The only ones who survive severe weather are the ones with really deep roots.  I have been transplanted so many times in my life sometimes I wonder how do we add length to our roots? 

I’ve tried many ways to get rerooted, get new relationships, a sweet new little house, new friends but the overwhelming feeling of loss will sometimes not pass. Those are the times when I fall on my knees. I remember that life is not meant to be rooted on earth. 

Having a strong foundation allows us to move forward and focus on what needs to be done. As much as it is in our power we want to aim for that but I also remind myself that HOME is where God is and that it is all just a journey to get there. 

Doing the right things, being kind to people along the way and leaving a legacy in children who will someday tell people who you were and what you believed in. Having children who are proud enough of you that they want to carry on your legacy of living a Godly life. 

God grows roots. We grow where we are planted. A forest has a better chance to survive a storm than a single tree in an open field. Get with like minded people who can become a refuge. Don’t go to the negative Nellie’s, reach out for positive people. Stay in fellowship with them. Hold each other up. 

When storms come, breathe, pray, and learn. When the sun comes out, and it always does, rake away the leaves and fallen branches, and smile that you are still there. Thank your fellow trees and move on. Don’t try to be alone, we all need support.

This weekend challenge yourself to reach out to someone who is a stronger tree than you. Someone who’s roots will help you grow. Go to a yoga class, church, join a prayer group, AA, or get a health coach. Keep your eyes open for the angels they are all around you, but you do have to be aware of them. 

I have put together a special two for one sale for an extra health boost for the weekend. You can do the 3 Day Bliss Detox and get my juicing program for the price of one. This is like giving your tree fertilizer! When we are stressed sometimes that is when we neglect our health and that is when you need health reinforcement. Bring in the health troops, buy a program that walks you through it so you don’t have to think about it. Just do it!

For health coaches I will send you the completely Done-For-You customizable version of these programs and a bonus outline for leading both of these programs with a demo. The outline contains health tips, set up, and checklists to teach a launch class plus the customizable packet. Click here for more details. 

Here’s to being a Red Wood. 


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