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I must admit I have a problem retaining information. Do you study and try to memorize health facts? I need to constantly revisit the information when I am first learning it. After awhile though I am happy to say if it is something I do over and over again, it sticks. If it is technical it may not stick right away, but if it is something you believe in every cell of your body, it manifests.

This is how wellness works, it is a journey. You need to surround yourself with like minded people. Have you ever noticed how when you are with a person with bad energy before you know it you feel the same way, and your day begins to fall apart.

When you are surrounded by believers and positive people you are supported by healing energy. God has a plan of healing for you but you must stay on track. You must keep your focus on his plan, and go forward in faith. When you feel your mind start to wonder into darkness and garbage thoughts, that is the path you start to go down.

Choose your path…Stay in the light

I remember in the beginning, when I first started learning about the power of my mind and food it felt like SO MUCH WORK. Now it is just my life. You can get there too, and you will look back and be amazed at the journey.

So much of your struggle, whatever it is, from diabetes, weight, anxiety, pain, you name it, comes from your holding onto bad habits, pain or just bad thinking.
You can free yourself by learning which foods work for you and which patterns of thinking you need to RETHINK. Happiness and health are not an accident, it is a plan and you can have it.

That excess weight, worry, burden is showing you that you are stuck somewhere. Once you release struggle your body goes into homeostasis, it’s natural state of balance.

I don’t profess to be a witch doctor, healer or guru but I do know that we can work together to build the future you want. Here are some basic ways to start.

#1- Slow down, life is a marathon not a sprint. Beginning to implement changes that develop into big changes over time.

#2- Guard the temple gates. Your mind is precious. You choose what thoughts to entertain. My grandmother used to say, “Get thee behind me Lucifer”. Start noticing that the negative thoughts are not of GOD.

#3- Honor your body as a Temple. Invest in your health. Do something physical everyday, eat well, rest and LEARN HOW TO PRACTICE SELF LOVE.

#4- Build a support network. I offered the six week group at a very low price to make it manageable for everyone. Each and every person can benefit by sharing healing thoughts, energy and information. Be in a like minded community. This is available to everyone. All you need is a phone and a comfortable chair. 🙂

#5- Remember you are worth it. God doesn’t make mistakes and you are his greatest creation!

I remember in the beginning, when I first started learning about the power of my mind and food it felt like SO MUCH WORK. Now it is just my life. You can get there too, and you will look back and be amazed at the journey.

Do you sometimes feel totally crazy? Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes I can’t make sense of it all. I can’t understand the way people act? Why are they so cruel to each other, why do they hurt innocent animals, why can’t we just love each other? Why do people say one thing and then do another?

Then comes my life…if you have a couple of hours and a strong stomach, we can meet for tea and I’ll tell you all about. I am no stranger to disappointment. Boy, that sounds like a sob story but really it’s not. I am so filled with gratitude for what I have and the people in my life who do care about me.

Everyday I meet the most incredible people. My life has boiled over with blessings. How did it get this way from being a single mom, poor, struggling, abandoned with a 10 month old son and two other children, a mortgage, and not much of a job.

“You can’t change the landscape, you can only change the eyes that you look at it with.”

Do you choose to be jaded and hold onto anger? The best thing you can do for yourself is forgive. I know you may feel the people or person who hurt you doesn’t deserve forgiveness, but you deserve it. That’s right, you forgive someone for YOU!

Free up your body and your mind. You don’t need the pain of the experience living in your body. You need to be free and vibrant and you can’t get there by holding resentment in your body.

Are you sabotaging yourself with bad habits, self defeating choices that make matters worse. Are you punishing yourself or not letting yourself live your life to your fullest. Why?
What is holding you back?

Your mind is a very powerful instrument. You need to learn how to play it. And like any instrument you need to practice to get good at it.

Make a gratitude list, on paper or in your mind
Start each day
visualizing how you want it to turn out.
Focus on the solutions rather than the problems
Forgive, you don’t have to tell them, but you have to let it go

You co-create your life with God

Make a plan:
Eat right
Do something meaningful
Do something for yourself everyday

If you haven’t joined the six week group yet, what are you waiting for?
It helps you create a plan
It helps you make new choices
It helps you feel focused
It helps you understand sabotage
It helps you forgive yourself and others.

I care about you and want to see you succeed. My life’s greatest pleasure is making people laugh on the outside and smile on the inside.
Of course I want to teach you about healthy cooking, eating and lifestyle choices too.

The Six Week to Super Group

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