Best Tips of All

Each week you get health tips from me. I also know that the media is always posting advice. Information is everywhere. Perhaps the greatest tip is to not give so many tips! Less can be more! 
Pace yourself. You can get overloaded with information and then not do anything.You need an inner knowing and understanding so that you don’t get thrown off every time the wind blows or a bag of chips passes by your line of vision.

When I was younger I had zero confidence. I could never speak in front of people or even say what I thought. I guess I believed what I had to say didn’t matter to anyone, or maybe even that I didn’t really matter to anyone. It’s ironic, but when I stopped caring about what other people said, and needing everyone’s opinion and advice, I started to feel more confident.
What other people think of me is none of my business.
~Wayne Dyer
Maybe if we stop thinking our problems are the be all, end all, and falling into our ego we would be happier and healthier. If we TRUST and have faith that we are meant to be where we are and faith in a higher destiny we would stop shrinking in bad times. That’s a time to grow your faith. We do our greatest stretching on our knees, growing pains don’t happen in your comfort zone. 
Everyone is a gift and has a gift to share with this world. Each of your actions causes a chain reaction as in the “Butterfly Effect.” Knowing the power we have to create change in our world and then the world of others shows that we have a great responsibility.  We must go through our life mindful of our choices. 
Stand for something
Each and everyday we have an opportunity to be our personal best. By us being our best we affect those around us. We teach by example not by preaching.
Don’t just go through life ~
~ Be a Life, make a difference.
So many times we zone out and go through the routine of life, numb our minds with TV, too many outings, too many obligations, too many drinks, too much food. 

Become mindful of who you are and what your choices are. Stop running to others for advice and TRUST your inner voice. That is the greatest gift (tip) of all.

To help you start on your path of simplifying and getting more calm, here’s a few tools for you…


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