Clear Goals, Clear Mind

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish Concept

Holy moly we overcomplicate things! Even when we know simple is better we keep taking on too much!

Nine years of HARD work to help people change their lives. I was trying relentlessly to fill classes both in cooking, yoga and my coaching practice. The struggle was real, the marketing was never ending and the “trying to look perfect” was unforgiving. 

I had noticed that I wasn’t doing anything well.  I never lived through the 1920’s and the great depression, but I felt like I was in a modern day version! I hit the wall, big time!

When you keep praying to God to give you answers, you better be willing to listen.

I’ve heard that the definition of insanity is, doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. That was me.  I kept busy trying to build my business but I was going about it all wrong. 

Do you find yourself going in circles and not growing your business forward? It can feel so overwhelming. 

I had established success in the healthy cooking education field but learned how difficult it can be to build a business.  It seemed like I was always struggling with either building my client list, keeping my costs down, creating recipes and creating programs. 

You name it…create, create, create…as if that was the answer.  

Believe me it is not.  You need to stay focused on one goal at a time.

We are all wonderful creations from God and we need to remember that.  No one has a magical time clock that gives them more hours than anyone else. You have to be reasonable, you can’t do everything, well at least not all at the same time. 

You have to work smart to have a life of balance 

and a business that you can enjoy again.

Once I learned these lessons the hard way, I was able to zero in with laser focus and build the Wellness Cooking Academy. It allowed me to keep my passion to help others, only now I do not get derailed! I am true to my course and my students. 

I am no longer chasing after shiny objects, and once you experience the academy course you will get crystal clear and not get derailed either. 

That is what’s priceless…

I’m teaching you from my mistakes so you don’t have to make them.

The course uses techniques and templates that go far beyond the popular done-for-you programs. 

It is more like a business-in-a-box that gives you the tools and the backing that you need to jump-start your wellness-related business.
                 You already have the knowledge and passion that you need.  

What is missing is a system with tools and an incredible team of “insiders” to get you making money. 

This doesn’t mean you stop learning. You must always be learning or you become stagnant.

Are you ready to get laser focused and build your career?

Don’t be a mental packrat, don’t hold onto the tasks and ideas that are not serving you. Let go, grow and develop into all you are meant to be today. 

Just because you let something go doesn’t mean you are failing it means you have mastered and are moving up with clarity. 

Here’s to your shedding and finding your new found focus. Talk soon. 


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