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Health Coaching Just Got a LOT Easier! 

Are you starting a new health coaching business?  

Or, are you a practicing health coach looking to freshen your offerings?  

The Cookin’ Yogi offers classes, programs and tools that are ready for you to incorporate into your practice to bring it to the next level.  

All of our Done-for-You packages come complete with ready to use brand-able content to share with in your classes, aggrenox generic substitute materials for your new programs as well as support and live coaching from the Cookin’ Yogi.

This could be you…

…..having fun in your very own cooking class!

The Cookin’ Yogi’s Done-for-You Programs:

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Bernd Bessinger
I was totally amazed at how you directed me with a few questions in basically no time towards my perfect market positioning.  I had some options prepared beforehand but you led with your precise questions in a direction in which I had never thought of before and opened up a whole new perspective for me.  The result was a perfect fitting positioning with which I identify myself 100%.  Furthermore, with your attentive listining you identified and highlighted some statements from me as key statements which serve as excellent slogans.  I’m so thankfull for your high-end support. You are an amazing coach!
Bernd Bissinger

Practice of Stress relief, Self-fulfilment & Joy of Life, Stuttgart, Germany , More Time For Yourself

Sherri Mraz, The Cookin’ Yogi has helped me in many ways: Her success system gave me the ability to focus on my demonstration and move forward from where I was previously stuck.  She gave me excellent sample invitations with appealing graphics and words that build interest and excitement.  I can now book my events and present with confidence. 

Consuelo Davis

The Cooking Aesthetician

Sherri, your cooking class was really impeccable and a great source of valuable information (like any class of yours!). Thank you! 

CoCo Zordan