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Corporate Wellness for Busy People

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Your goal is to create a Team that is likeminded with the mission of being like a second family. Your team shares your vision and you learn as much from them as they do from you. Each member is an intricate piece of the success puzzle and they are with you full heartedly.

By increasing your employee wellness education with practical real life tools, based on food education and mindfulness you will see an increase in productivity and an overall sense of happiness.

Your insurance premiums may be reduced significantly with employee participation. You will see your ROI in more than just dollars but with enthusiasm and improved health. 


We are excited by the possiblities that lie ahead with your employees and the productivity of your company. Contact us at 561-254-4949 for more information

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Premium ~ You love your employees and want to show them

Four weekly lunch and learns packed with food, fun and education

(Full Lunch or demo style class option)

Week One: 

“Nutrition for Busy People” one hour cooking class 



The importance of a healthy diet, what foods nourish you and what foods rob you. Tips on how to stay the course of healthy eating and not feel deprivation only vitality.



Week Two:

“Eating for Energy” one hour cooking class.

Eating for Energy

This class and recipes in this class talk about the energy in food. You will discover that not all food is alike and why a calorie is not just a calorie. We truly are what we eat.




Week Three:

“Meal Prepping & Food on the Go” one hour cooking class

Meal PreppingThis is a recipe for success style class. You can now easily implement your healthy meals in minutes. The information in this workshop will have you prepared for a busy lifestyle. You will get tips on being prepared to eat super healthy both at work and home.


Week Four:

“How to Put it All Together” presentation on the importance of tracking your day, making choices, being mindful, eating clean and gMind, Body, Spirit Whole Life Programetting correct exercise


A unique tracker sheet will be provided. This is a signature class that we have used with hundreds of clients. You will become more organized than ever before and feel confident in your plan without one bit of overwhelm.


Available for private employee health consultations upon request.

Call 561-254-4949 for more information. 


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A La Carte Lunch and Learn Choices

Choose any of the four classes listed, customized classes are available as well. 

  1. “Nutrition for Busy People” one hour cooking class 
  2. “Eating for Energy” one hour cooking class
  3. “Meal Prepping & Food on the Go” one hour cooking class
  4. “How to Put Good Health All Together” Tips for overall good health

Presentation on the importance of tracking your day, making choices, being mindful and getting correct exercise. A unique tracker sheet will be provided. 


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Who we’ve worked with:

Past corporate clients

Suffolk Construction, Miami, FL

Serenity Now, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

Exit Realty, Lakeworth, FL

Sanofi-Aventis, Bridgewater, NJ

Pfizer, Peapack, NJ

Portrait of happy business woman in modern officeBridgewater Crossings Fitness Center, Bridgewater, NJ

Cegedim Dendrite, Bedminster, NJ

Citigroup, Warren, NJ

Studio Fitness, Warren, NJ

Onyx, Warren, NJ

Mountain Fitness, Warren, NJ

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