It Doesn’t Hurt that Much Anymore

Lately, I’ve been noticing that things don’t bother me like they used to. I remember way back, going to a counselor who told me, “the goal is to be tick free”. I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. Her explanation was that we all have triggers that set us off, and our goal is to recognize them and then to heal them. For years I went around observing my thoughts and noticing that they were, well pretty ugly. I seemed to be thinking the same thing all the time, just a repeat of my story. I knew I needed to heal but I didn’t know how. It was like telling me to solve an algebraic equation that I had never seen before.

When I was younger I was very religious and spiritual and although this had always been a big part of my life, I was still struggling. Then I discovered religious science and yoga. I started to find some peace. My edges started to soften and I was able to breathe. I had a crack in my wall and the light of peace was shining in.

Now some twelve years later, it is no longer a crack, my being is filled with light. I’ve had several teachers and powerful healers who were helpful, but the real thanks goes to my Lord and Savior. If I hadn’t learned how to stop thinking and start trusting, I would still be filled with darkness.

Recently, I had a day filled with many challenges, things that would have stopped me in my tracks earlier in my life. I am sure that many of my challenges would send many people into a tail spin of worry. Miraculously, I noticed that I was still at peace. Would I have preferred the challenges weren’t there, yea, I’m not a gluten. But I am living, and life happens! We all have our challenges but we are not alone. If you ask Christ to walk with you, pray and read the bible, you will start to notice that you too will be filled with light.

Once you turn a light on in a room, it is not dark anymore. This is how we are. We can not remain in the dark after we are filled with the presence of God. We learn to stop trying to fix everything and we learn to trust. It doesn’t mean that we don’t still work hard, you might even work harder. But you will be joyful, and that is worth it!

How do you start to feel more ease and joy? Be easy on yourself, Think positive thoughts. Take some time to journal. Do you notice that most of your thoughts during the day are positive or are they filled with worry? If you find them filled with worry, make a pledge to let it go just for today. If you decide you want to worry tomorrow, you can do it then. The problem may still be there and maybe not, but think of all the wasted energy you just saved. Tomorrow, when you get up, do it again!

I walk in faith that things turn out how they are meant to. Everyone has the ability to TRUST. You will notice that when the challenges come up they don’t hurt as badly. They may still be there but your life doesn’t become a train wreck of worry. This is the best remedy I have found for stress management.

Find a church. For me it is Christ Fellowship. Every week I hear a message to keep my light burning brightly. I keep the light burning during the week, by reading and praying at home. If you lit a bonfire and left it unattended, it would go out. Well, so will your light if you don’t tend to it.

Practice breathing. Notice when you are stressed that your posture starts to be affected. Your shoulders lift and your breathing becomes shallow. Roll your shoulders down and back and take a few nice big breaths. Now you feel so much better! Don’t you?!

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