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If there is one thing that I have learned about myself over the years is that I can seriously get side tracked! 

Even though I am aware of my multiple interest problem, and I try to contain it, there are many times it shows up again. For the past eight years I have been a health coach, which in itself can be too big sometimes. The business of healing can be approached in so many different ways that before you know it your passion has you working on another way!

Projects come and go but the key is to stay true to your own purpose. 

Have you ever wished for a few more hours in the day? Maybe if you had more time you could get to all your passions.

Why is it that some people seem to get everything done effortlessly and build businesses that you admire, while others feel that time and money constantly eludes them?

The secret to achieving your goals and managing your time well isn’t working more hours. The secret is working smarter, not harder. It is about prioritizing the important things and learning to use the time you have more efficiently and effectively. Staying FOCUSED and TRUE to your purpose. 

…And having a system! But we will get back to that. 

Rather than labeling yourself or beating yourself up, realize that setting goals is also time management and an area of your life that you can strengthen. Like a new muscle, it takes practice and repetition to make it stronger. To help you get started, here are some steps to streamline your days at work and at home.

Try the first one or two that jump out at you:

  • Allocate time for planning and organizing.
  • Create to-do lists that are realistic, not intimidating. Use only one to-do list.
  • Under-schedule your time: Leave time for the unexpected and for interruptions. When you estimate how long something will take, add on a third of that time.
  • Schedule your time in a way that reduces interruptions that lower your productivity.
  • Practice the art of intelligent neglect: Eliminate trivial tasks.
  • Prioritize what is most important and do that first.
  • Consider your biological prime time: At what time of day do you work best? Plan to do your most important work at that time. (call it your power hour, I call it energy management)
  • If you say yes to everything that comes your way, learn to say no.
  • Ask for help and delegate.
  • In the evening make your to-do list for the next day, so it will be out of your brain and on a piece of paper. Leave work with a clear head and a clean desk. 
  • Acknowledge yourself daily for all that you have accomplished. 

Also take a look at the two biggest hindrances to using time effectively: procrastinating and lacking purpose. We usually procrastinate when a task seems too daunting, too large or too complex, or when we feel we won’t be able to handle it. Break it down into bite size chunks and then eat away. I like the 15 minute trick. Set a timer, you can do anything for 15 minutes!

The most effective people will tell you that they love what they do and are aligned with a greater purpose. When it comes to managing your time, you may need to ask the larger questions, “Am I doing what I love to do? Am I doing something meaningful to me?” 

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 As you strengthen your new time management muscle and get closer to your goals, keep your focus on getting organized so that you can live the life you came here for.

You have to determine where you want to go to be able to get there. I have spent the last decade teaching. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to mentor some amazing people. I have also been blessed with some amazing mentors myself. This is KEY, you need support, a partner, a friend, a colleague, a mastermind or an amazing group to help you grow. 

My passion is teaching and mentoring. Cooking classes for me is a way to express my creativity and passion. I meet great people and teach them ways to improve their health through food. Do you know your passion?

Is your passion cooking and teaching? If it is and you are interested in teaching healthy cooking, this past month I created a cooking Done-For-You program and support group. This program is all about systems and using a done-for-you cooking class packet that includes everything you need! This is a rinse and repeat system. 

This month’s featured class was a great starter class for your clients. Getting Greens Into The Diet. It is still on sale till the end of August, get it for 50% off, check it out here



Instead of being a chore, good time management can be your ticket to more fun, greater satisfaction and a vibrant, exciting life.

Let me know how your goals are becoming a reality. I want to hear from you. 


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