Grab your Star!

Wow, what a weekend I just had! I am still reeling from the energy and inspiration from the Integrative Nutrition that I just attended.


For years I have wanted to get a book published. Now, I can finally say that I have done it. Not only that I got published but also that I launched my first book in NYC!


This year I took the initiative and teamed up with Integrative Nutrition and joined their “Launch a Book Course”. I didn’t know what to expect, as it was the first time they were running it. I may have eventually gotten it done on my own but having joined the course kept me driving it forward. The best part of all was getting up on stage at this past conference and getting so much recognition. I had people emailing and Facebooking me “congratulations” for weeks! A book really does get a lot of attention.


This is a picture of my book, “The Cookin’ Yogi’s, More Energy, Less Waist” and me on stage in Lincoln Center! I would never have been able to say that before!


I am a health coach and food educator with a huge passion for helping people create vibrant bodies and lives. At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition we are taught about primary foods. There is so much more to your health than just what you eat. Sometimes clients come to see me and all they want to focus on is their food. However, after working together for a while they begin to realize there are so many more components to good health. We all need to feel good in our relationships, careers, physical activity and our beliefs.


I hope that my story inspires you to go after your dreams. Don’t get so caught up in your life that each day goes by and you never get to the things that you want to do. Start each day with an intention and then go after it.


I think the most important lesson for me in this accomplishment is to remember not to live small, whatever your current circumstances are. You can do anything through keeping your sights on God, loving others, a little hard work, perseverance, and never losing FAITH in yourself.




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