Children’s Parties

Looking for a cooking class for your kids?


How about hosting a class at your school, home, or summer camp?

We can provide customized cooking classes at your location


Package 1:
The children will prepare chosen menu item.
(entire group makes the same)
The class will be approximately 1½ hours long*.
Included in the price – food, cooking utensils, and 1 instructor.
$25.00 per child (minimum of 10 children per class or $250).
Travel fees apply to locations further than 10 miles from the Wellington Community Center

Package 2:
The children will prepare one menu choice and a craft.
The class we be approximately 2½ hours long*.
Included in the price – food, cooking utensils, craft supplies and 1 instructor. kids birthday cooking party
$35.00 per child (minimum of 7 children per class or $250).
Travel fees apply to locations further than 10 miles from the Wellington Amphitheater.

Package 3:
Etiquette Class
The children will learn how to set a full table setting
How to sit, napkin on lap, how to handle silverware,
where to place silverware and glass while eating
Why and how to chew food thoroughly (good info for grown ups too!)
How to be excused from table
Healthy lunch and beverage is served
Class is 2 hours long at $30 per child (minimum 8 children or $250)

Package 4:                                                                                                                                                       Children do 30 minutes of yoga and then make a healthy recipe. (menu item recomendations will be discussed either by email or phone, you choose) Class is 2 hours long.      kids yoga cooking class                                                    $30 per child (minimum 8 children or $250)

childen_cooking_classesFor larger classes, if you would like to request a second Party Chef to assist at the class, the cost will be $45.00.

We can offer food options to facilities that do not have an oven. Please ask about this type of class.

Final guest count is due one week prior to the scheduled class date.

Note the time allotted for the class is spent preparing/cooking their food and creating their craft. Please allow time afterwards for the children to enjoy their creations. Also, the Chef will clean up their work station, but will not stay to clean up the table where the kids are enjoying their food.

Cooking Class Menu Choices:

  • Personal Pizza Pocket, rolled up dough with topings inside, lots of veggie offerings. We like to call this Popeye Pizza Pocket to get them to add spinach. Homemade Marina provided for dipping.
  • Mac n Cheese, a big hit being so super cheesy, can be made gluten free and no fake cheese powder here! 
  • Refried Bean Tacos, Guacamole and Pico DeGallo, fresh and delicious, perfect for parties without an oven
  • Spaghetti with Homemade Marinara, better than an Italian grandma’s
  • Decorate Your Own Cupcakes with Butter Cream Icing (no artificial food coloring) no oven required
  • Flourless Black Bean Brownie Cupcakes, yes they will eat these! 
  • Fruit Salad, kids have a blast eating all the colors of the rainbow and chopping everything up, (knives are always age appropriate) 

Cooking Class Craft Choices:

  • Recipe Box 
  • Wooden Picture Frame 
  • Personalized apron (top seller)
  • Personalized Chef’s hats

decorating cupcakes for birthday party

We can also customize a menu for your after school enrichment programs, preschool programs, summer camp programs, scout troops, youth groups and special events! Let us help you with a create your own special fundraiser.Tacos for Childrens party


Flourless BrowniesEmail or call 561-254-4949 to discuss your party options and to reserve your date. 



What people are saying:

Hi Sherri –  You were wonderful as was the experience (you’re my hero!).  I’ll definitely be sharing your info with my friends and family. 
All the best!
It was a pleasure to meet you. My daughter Riya said she had the best birthday ever! Thank you so much for the wonderful event!
Best wishes,