Why Do Products Stop Working?

This weekend my church postponed their planned sermon in light of what is happening in the world…a time to re-evaluate what is important. 
When Jesus was asked what is the greatest commandment of them all,
he said…
“Love God above all else”
“Love thy neighbor as one loves thy self”
The world can be ugly and chaotic and if we are not careful we can get roped into the uglyness.
You often hear me tell you to be true to yourself and to get your career in alignment with your core beliefs. Sometimes we just need to focus on sharing a message of caring as well.
Life is happening all around us, we can’t live with blinders on. Keep love in your hearts for all people. How does that feel?
That’s where we do our part by holding onto the light and don’t join in the darkness. We need to take self assessments and see what is going on inside of ourselves. 
The inside matters…more than the outside! But as long as we are going there, I recently passed by my mirror and noticed my outside. Being so focused on building the Academy I lost sight of my own balance. I eat healthy and take walks everyday so how is it that I gained a few pounds?
Sometimes we plateau, it’s like when your hair product stops working or your favorite skin care isn’t doing its thing anymore. You need to switch it up. 
Our bodies naturally build up a tolerance to the products we use and foods we ingest regularly. We can even develop a sensitivity to certain foods.  These foods then have to be eliminated for a period of time before trying to reintroduce them into the diet.
We need to reboot the inside of our bodies. Change up our food regimen and do a good housecleaning inside our own Temple. Remember, your body is a Temple. Sometimes we forget to treat it as such. 
In the Academy our students will be receiving a Done-for-You Cleanse program. Most of the students will be doing the cleanse along with me, starting July 25th. How would you like to join us? 
Have you noticed you or your clients hitting a wall? Why after a few months do your clients see a lull in their results?  Have you had clients return to you and their progress mysteriously slows down?  Or maybe this has even happened to you.  
I am a big believer that a cleanse/detox can give you the boost you need. 
The first time that I did a cleanse I was amazed at how it helped me to discover my addiction to certain foods, and helped me to eliminate headaches! This is big if you have ever suffered that fate! Overall I just truly felt better. 
I was sold! Then I started sharing with my clients and they were telling me they were amazed at the results. Naturally, I had to share it with my tribe of coaches and now in the Academy. This is such a great service to add to your programs or as a cooking class add on. 
Doing a detox in the summer is the perfect boost. No matter how healthy we eat or try to be, we still accumulate toxins. 
Clean Eating cleanse
Detoxing gives your body an opportunity to reset. It eliminates the sludge that has built up and lets you start fresh. 
From the beginning of time man has fasted. This gives your body and mind a break. By eating only fruits and vegetables, which are fast burning, your digestive system gets a rest. 
The body has the remarkable ability to heal itself
We have a private ongoing facebook group for support and questions so you won’t be alone.
If you have considered trying a cleanse in the past this may be the perfect opportunity for you to jump in.
I personally really love these groups and challenges. The one thing that I feel strongly about is that it’s very hard to succeed alone. Getting support and having a team are so important!
I’m super excited to have the chance to work with you. Find out more about the program and get a little incentive coupon below to get you started! 
Want to join us for a 14 Day Cleanse?
Become more in tune with your Body, Mind and Spirit
Give yourself a reset 
Fill yourself with fresh food,
and loving kindness
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Valid through 7/20/2016
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Cleanse group starts July 25th
Won’t you join us?


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