Stay away from diabetic food

Stay away from all food products labeled “diabetic”.

The shelves are lined with “diabetic”, “sugar-free” and dessert products. Don’t be fooled they contain chemicals,
and sugar alcohols.

Your brain doesn’t know the difference between the taste of sugar and these chemicals. You will still get a sugar
surge. They are usually much sweeter than sugar to boot.

Just stick with natural fruits, honey, maple syrup or stevia if you need a sweet fix.

However, If you are a real sugar junkie you will need to eliminate sugar and all sweet tastes for at least three
days to get over the cravings, sorry this is just the way it is.

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  1. My brother recommended I might like this website. He was totally right. This publish actually made my day. You can not imagine just how so much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!

  2. All health’ bars are bad for you, rlaley bad. all breakfast cereals are bad for you, rlaley bad. oats that are meant for fast cooking are bad for you, just dead calories.In general, all wheat products these days are bad for you, REALLY bad, even organic wheat, as the grains are not stone ground or soaked properly to make the healthy outer casing absorbable by the human gut.Rice is hopeless stuff now, the way it’s mass produced and the fine outer casing sloughed off. If you want the advantages of almonds and all thr mass of trace minerals, try to buy them unshelled, shell at home, soak for 24 hours, sundry, lightly roast. this way, the enzymes in the fine brown skin around the almond become activated and make the nutriets and trace minerals absorbable; otherwise they are not, and what gets absorbed is only the fat. In the US, you need to buy unshelled, because shelled cd have been opened with laser which ruins all the good trace minerals; nonetheless, the FDA [?] allows them to be labeled raw’ when, in fact, they’re technically no longer raw but kind of par boiled’. Quinoa is useless pretty much ifyou dont soak for min. 12 hours first as above; soaking leaches antinutrients.All pickled cucumbers commercially prepared + pasteurization are no good for you; make your own, it takes rlaley no more than 7 mins, and then you can use organic, make them probiotic [good for healthy gut flora] and enjoy a wonderful fresh taste.actually, almost anything that has been pasteurized [which extends shelf life] is useless, as the pasteurization [heat] kills all the good nutrients. All the huge range of trace minerals in olives are ruined by commercial processing.Ditto with honey: if it’s heat bottled, it’s not much good that’s why first-press coldpress olive oil IS so good, no heat anywhere near it [apropos, commercially produced cooking/kitchen oils tend to be processed at 700+ degress celcius. what on earth cd survive that????]Apples commercially grown are rlaley bad for you. they made the number 1 spot recently for chemical treatment, hormone irrigation, etc. Applesauce is nothing but high fructose mush. How many apples are needed to make a can of applesauce? Is it easy to sit down and polish off 1/3 a can? But who in their right mind wd sit down and polish off 3 apples after a full meal? And we wonder why there’s obesity All non organic grapes, watermelons, strawberries and many other water’ fruit are horrible, health-wise. They are bad health in small surreptitious packages.Worm-free lettuce, anyone? beware the pesticides. Everything comes at a price.Let’s not even start with the huge quantity of antibiotics and hormones in commercially mass produced milk: and all byproducts, via the poor cow .DO eat organic internal organs of beef, goat, sheep they are loaded with good stuff, especially towards winter, and the body DOES need fat for functioning. Fat provides a feeling of being satiated, meaning that much less carbs are needed. Women need higher percentages of fat than men when they are still fertile, otherwise, all systems can crash.DO eat 1/4 fresh organic pomegranate twice a week for an iron pumping that will keep the flu away. Isnt it miraculous that they ripen 2 months before winter! [here, at least].oh gosh, I could go on and on and on .But all it needs is commonsense, as with the applesauce example [assuming it hasnt been thickened with cornflour produced from overprocessed corn which is, at the final outcome, nothing more than high-concentrate fructose]Yes, we never discuss it here. But yes, it’s possible to do away with just about all high blood pressure tablets, IBS tabs, chemically/commercially produced vitamin supplements, and much much more, by knowing a few small easy tricks and sticking to the right things. Our house, for example, has bandaids, antibiotic cream [for cuts] and very little else in the way of medication or supplement. We would be horrible neighbors if anyone came looking for all kinds of pharmaceutical’ items. They’d probably think we dont want to share. But we simply can’t!Who am I to talk? an ex-farmer, who saw exactly what was going on, and who, as a result, took my kids [about 27 years ago] off most commercially produced items and readymade meals or partial meals. That doesnt mean one cant have fun’ foods. But it does mean that one avoids pumping the body with chemicals and empty calories that the body, by age 40 if not earlier, can no longer handle.

  3. It is now common knogeldwe that for 30 years, while zero or low fat products were being touted as THE thing, and were carrying chemically produced sweeteners [all the ~~ol and ~~ame varieties], our insulin was being kept high as they react in the body exactly the same way as sugar. In fact, worse: because sugar being a simple carb can in some way be worked off whereas these replacements stay in the body and accumulate causing not only earlier onset of diabetes and early obesity but a load of other probs too. There’s no guarantee she’d have been kaput, had she been eating paleo’ style since forever. If anyone’s super interested, there are some amazing vids available that I could link to, by modern medical doctors, with fascinating info on the long term damaging effects of HFCS [high fructose corn syrup – used in everything nowadays and their grandmother! and labeled as ‘natural sugar’ or ‘natural sweetener’ or some such, but is none other than, basically, poison to the body] and how to reverse obesity permanently [esp. re removal of modern-processed wheat products].Milk per se is not so very bad for you, Tony. It’s the quantity per capita as milk that could be a problem. But just think of ads showing healthy breakfast: a vitamin+mineral fortified cereal [nothing but garbage there] over which is poured low fat naturally sweetened’ vanilla flavored UHT [double pasteurized for long life…so, apropos pasteurization, nothing much left there, with the addition of empty sugars] and with that foodless yet massive sugar spike, gadzillions of children start the day. Ritalin, anyone??Living healthy requires work, yes, far more than slipping into the supermarket and buying canned peeled tomatoes, pre-spiced chicken breast, frozen blueberries, etc etc; and it requires removing one’s soul’s devotion away from the highpowered career that needs you there in the office 14 hours a day, with perks like in-situ gym, restaurant, billiards room, bla bla , all offered in recycled stinky breathed-in-by-hundreds air in closed systems, and going home after 8 hours max and preparing that good food. But there are loads of other things wrong with our capitalist system too [which doesnt mean I’m against it; I’m for improving it]: such as the marketing ploy that sales staff must never be seen seated, but must be on their feet just about all day, and other utter garbage. How healthy is that? No matter how well one eats, being on one’s feet [and often, for women, some form of heels is expected for the right ‘look’] all day creates knee and spine injuries [continuous pressure] so wouldnt it make more sense to utterly ban such rules and save yr insurance companies and hospitals and medical system loads of expense? Obviously not, as the pharmaceutical companies would have less to sell, and the medical equipment suppliers would have less to sell too. Aaaah so what do we have here? A huge system that bamboozles the simple people’ who seek the advice of those who profess to be professionals in a sphere in which the simple people’ are not, and are given prescriptions for any and every thing, and days off work, etc etc: a system whose major players go hand in hand through our lives, dealing with symptoms rather than causes, dealing only with manifested problems rather than being preemptive.Bah.

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