“A wonderful influence”
Sherri is such a wonderful influence on people’s lives. She takes a  holistic approach to addressing the cause of a person’s nutrition problems. People do not need to learn that vegetables are good for them, they need help in changing their relationship with food, and Sherri does that beautifully.
I’ve been through her program and I’ve had some of my own patients go through her program. Each day, she helps you learn something new about yourself and how that is affecting your eating patterns and nutrition. After a few weeks, you not only feel better, but you look forward to creating meals that are not just nutritious, but also taste great too. 
You won’t see dogma with her system either. She doesn’t subscribe to paleo, veganism, or any one particular type of diet. She helps you identify where you are in your relationship with different foods, and gives you useful strategies to make the game of lifestyle change winnable. Too many people fail because they remove too much from their diet too soon, and they stick to their guns because a guru told them it was right. Sherri acknowledges that we are all individuals, and that what works for you needs a customized approach to eating.
Dr. Jon Chung, DC

Keystone Chiropractic

“Has helped me in many ways”
Sherri Mraz, The Cookin’ Yogi, has helped me in many ways:  Her success system gave me the ability to focus on my demonstration and move forward from where I was previously stuck.  She gave me excellent sample invitations with appealing graphics and words that build interest and excitement.  I can now book my events and present with confidence.  
Consuelo Davis

The Cooking Aesthetician

Such a joy

It was such a joy and pleasure to work with Sherri.  It’s always great to connect with like-minded holistic health entrepreneurs who are open, transparent and giving of their knowledge. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Lori Kennedy, RHN

Wellness Business Academy

“An amazing experience”

Sherri, it has been my absolute pleasure working with you. I can tell how much you genuinely care about your mission and the people you support. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with so much passion and dedication. Thank you so much for making this experience so amazing for me. I wish you all the best in everything you do.

Karen Pattock

Make a Difference Make a Living

“A distinct pleasure”

Sherri is an inspiration to all that surround her.  Why?   Because she possesses the recipe…the recipe for success.   Her knowledge, passion and determination shows in everything she does.   It has been a distinct pleasure to  work with Sherri.  I have no doubt that she will continue  to motivate others to new levels in their personal and professional lives.

Dr. Shelley Plumb

Plumb Talk Women

“Her advice and suggestions were solid…”

I was totally amazed at how you directed me with a few questions in basically no time towards my perfect market positioning.  I had some options prepared beforehand but you led with your precise questions in a direction in which I had never thought of before and opened up a whole new perspective for me.  The result was a perfect fitting positioning with which I identify myself 100%.  Furthermore, with your attentive listining you identified and highlighted some statements from me as key statements which serve as excellent slogans.  I’m so thankfull for your high-end support. You are an amazing coach!

Bernd Bissinger

Practice of Stress relief, Self-fulfilment & Joy of Life, Stuttgart, Germany, More Time For Yourself

“…talent for finding the missing piece in an issue

Sherri was a great counselor and guided me through tremendous change in my life.  She was a wealth of information, but more importantly, she understood what I was going through and helped me to make sense of it all.  Since working with Sherri, my life is more efficient, my personal space is under control, and my relationships are stronger.  She has a talent for finding the missing piece in an issue, and gave me the confidence to make the changes I needed to make.

Alex D.


“…making sure that I was true to myself”

Sherri was extremely helpful in making sure that I was true to myself and that I follow through with what I said I would.  She was a great inspiration as to what a health coach should be by never judging, always listening and by being very understanding.  I appreciated her honesty and humor.  Her intuitiveness was always right on the money and it helped me to stay focused and to be clearer about my path that I was embarking on and to make the necessary changes that inspired me.

Laura B.


“I have more energy”

Hey, thanks for following up.  Things are going great.  I have been able to get a better idea of how and when to eat.  My mood is “smoother” through out the day.  I am finding that while my weight has been changing every day or so, I seem to be slimming over all.  So, yay!  I also have more energy for my workouts.  Going to try some of your recipes this weekend.  I even had a fresh homemade cookie an didn’t freak out!

Emily A

Loxahatchee, FL

“You can really help”

I came to you to help get my health profile on track.  It’s worked.  All my labs came back normal and I have moved out of the almost morbidly obese to slightly over weight.  I do have to get in more exercise. . . Ugh!  Let me know when you do a class.  I’m there.  I’ve been trying to get some of my co-workers who could use you to call but hey, you know how we can be with ourselves.  I’m living proof that you can really help.

Deborah K

Wellington, FL

“Excited and Encouranged”

I am truly excited and encouraged from this call..my Lord I am doing cartwheels on the inside!  I read an article yesterday where the lady said that God kept telling her to tell her story…that we need to tell our story.  Here, today, you said the same thing..Wow..I am sooooooooo excited that I stepped out to join in not understanding why.  You are an amazing person and Health Coach..you are Heaven sent and I am thankful.  Please never hold back from speaking the truth or correction to me.  I am teachable and willing to learn…thank you again for such a powerful session.

Lynell F.

“Her advice and suggestions were solid…”

Sherri is an amazing Health Counselor.  She listened to me and gave me the space to talk and be myself.  Her advice and suggestions were solid and helped me to move forward in my life.  I learned to take time for myself and organize the things I want and need to do.  Our sessions where rejuvenating.  They helped me to realize my accomplishments instead of me just moving on to the next task.  She made me aware of all the great things I have done and that everything will work out.

Sujey De Coo

Holistic Health Counselor/Capoeira Teaching Artist