The Three Day Bliss Detox

Do you sometimes feel a lack of energy mid-afternoon or at the end of the day? Do you regularly have low energy days? I’m sure you know that stress, diet, clutter, and even boredom may all be contributing factors.

One thing I see over and over are articles on clutter. Apparently, is it a struggle all too common! Stuff and keeping track of it exhausts us. I have been on a personal mission to keep the clutter from taking over my office, actually from taking over my life, lol.

I deal with hundreds of emails a day, some I read and some I don’t. I have a handful of people who have strongly impacted my life for the better, those emails I ALWAYS read, even if not right away. On that note, I want to help you declutter. I will try to streamline my newsletter to make it a quicker read. There will be an article and recipe every week as always, and a reference to what is going on that week.

I will send quick blasts in-between as reminders and motivation. If you feel like you are missing me, you can always venture over to my Facebook page for more tips.

My goal is to lead you to peace and help reduce stress. Stress sends a rush of adrenalin through your body using up energy that is needed to keep the rest of the body going. Stress also produces the hormone cortisol which contributes to belly fat.

Understand what is sapping your energy levels and you can begin to make changes. Begin to declutter, clear up space, find what supports you and bring more of it into your days, eat foods for your body type and most important learn how to breathe.

Your energy levels can remain constant if you are mindful and are eating the right foods. Many foods will spike the blood sugar leading to a crash later on. With proper nourishment you will level out your energy and your moods.

Let me help you make powerful changes this year.


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