The truth about Carbs

Fast carbs, slow carbs, good carbs,
bad carbs, simple carbs
and complex carbs

What does it all mean?! The real issue is how fast your body is able to break down any food into energy providing sugar into your bloodstream.

healthy_coachingFast carbs are highly refined grain products which convert quickly into glucose. They are also called simple carbs because of their simple chain of molecules.

Slow carbs contain fiber making the glucose much slower to enter the blood stream. They have a more complicated molecular chain, which is why they are called complex carbs.

Now the GI rating…
Glycemic Index vs. Glycemic Load

To keep it simple, the glycemic index (GI) is a measurement of how fast or slow food enters the bloodstream. This is not always the best determining factor though. Glycemic Load (GL) is a better rating to go by as this is the true factor of how the glucose enters the bloodstream. GL includes the fiber which slows down the glucose. GL reveals the true impact a food has on your glucose metabolism.

Not to make this sound like a science project! Just eat whole foods. That’s how simple it is! It is not a product, it is a food. Whole foods always have a low glycemic load as opposed to any processed food. And please don’t fall for the package labeling stating that it has a low GI.

Eat food as God intended 🙂


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