Turning the corner

As you know last week I made a very consious choice to move away from some things in my life that were causing me to be overwhelmed.
I think we all do it, take on more than we should. Even those who I know are really good at saying NO and taking care of themselves, fall into this trap from time to time. That’s why even though I admitted my crash I am also admitting that I am grateful for it.
There were sirens going off in my head and all things were pointing to disaster. I was having trouble sleeping, going to bed too late but still getting up before the birds, and then too tired to exercise. My eating was off, meaning I really didn’t care, and my energy was suffering from this. I could feel the garbage in my brain was building.
God knows YOU would never have a day like this, right? 
I only share this with you to let you know that if this should ever happen to you that you are not crazy. It happens to all of us. 
It’s ironic that at times like this, when life gets the better of you, the better things are the first things we let go of. The very things you need to be doing are the things you avoid. Like sleep, healthy food, exercise and quiet time in reflection. 
Instead we usually overindulge by eating junk, having another glass of wine, not working out…anything to lick the wounds. 
The crash brought about the lightbulb moment to listen to my own advice, “What you put in your mind becomes greater.” Garbage in, garbage out.
When I turned the corner it was because I buckled down, dropped things off my schedule and streamlined my day. I remembered that my body is a TEMPLE and I need to honor it.
I now begin every day with reflection and positive reading, I got back on my meal plans having them pre-written for the week, and went back to getting a walk in every day. I started getting more sleep by changing my bedtime ritual, in bed by 10 pm with no electronics, only an uplifting book. 
Even if you’re not in the middle of a drama, most of us live very fast paced lives. Piling stressful thoughts and unhealthy fuel into our bodies only makes us feel more frazzled. We want to eat healthier, but with our schedules don’t seem to fit it in. We have all “good intentions” of cooking healthier but then we default to the same ol’e recipes.
I often hear from people that they fantasize if they had a healthy chef come to their home and do the cooking, they would be more than willing to eat that way.
The secret is really so simple you don’t need a chef, you just need a plan. That is why I have dropped everything else in my career, to focus only on the cooking classes. These are not just any cooking classes though, they are classes to Certify you to teach healthy cooking classes! 
Stay tuned for more exciting details coming soon! I can’t wait to share it with you.

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