True Talk about your Health

There are two ways to go about this. You are making choices everyday to either maintain or improve your health or hurt yourself. 100% of everything in your life is a choice. Now I know there are accidents, and those may be God’s plan, but if you are sick or tired, overweight or just feel like you’re not at your best, it is a choice. It may be by default, but that is still a choice.

I am still always surprised when I see people on a diet. I thought everyone knew that diets don’t work! Statistically 95% of people regain all or more of the weight they lost while on a diet. I have seen the statistic as low as 80% if that makes you feel any better. Why is this?

You need to learn how to eat, when to eat, why you eat, why you choose the foods you do, and what your emotional attachments are to food. This is not just about people with eating disorders this is for everyone! We all pick certain foods and make lifestyle choices. Are these choices hurting us or helping us?

Some of the healthiest looking people are actually not always healthy. Newsflash, looks don’t determine health. You can look good but still have silent killers like cancer, type 2 diabetes, low energy, cholesterol, and heart conditions. All of these conditions can be regulated by the food you eat and the way you eat.

I am also still surprised when I see people eating poor quality food. You must eat foods packed with nutrients. 

Fast food, junk food, microwaved foods all have empty calories. Make it your mission to eat home cooked foods, of top quality ingredients. I know it takes more time but it is your health at stake here. Many of the foods that we eat and everyday stress cause the blood to become acidic, which is a breading ground for disease.

There are lots of tips to make healthy food convenient. You can check out my 12 week cookbook for one resource. 

Make it your mission to choose your food wisely. Don’t be fooled by false advertising. There is a lot of misleading marketing going on, you must do your research. I make it my mission to teach people how to listen to your own body. You know what is best for yourself, but you need to start at ground zero. Let me know if you would like to have a conversation to get started with a clean slate. 

God Bless

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