Private yoga 

$100 for one hour and 15 minutes

$350 for package of four privates

Contact me to schedule at 561-254-4949 or email

Private yoga parties

and classes upon request

 Mats provided if needed Call 561-254-4949 for more info 

All levels welcome.

Wear Loose Comfortable Clothing

Practice on an empty stomach. If hungry eat a piece of fruit or other light snack

There is no pain in yoga if it hurts then you don’t do it. There is a difference between pain and  “gentle discomfort”

Let yourself move into a place of allowing 

Avoid comparing yourself to others in class. You are perfect just where you are today

If you have any medical conditions let your instructor know and always clear with your doctor before taking on the practice.



What are people saying….

Took a yoga class this AM in the park with Sherri Mraz– AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! gorgeous outdoor setting, true inner peace and REAL YOGA!! feeling healing, centered and so much better today!!

 Lois Spatz, Wellington
Thanks again for yesterday’s class— I thought it was incredibly helpful.  It was obvious you were carefully planned, and yet I liked that you threw in some spontaneity too — it really showed what can be done.
Sherri, you have a real talent for this — as you do with everything you touch.  You are perfectly natural and do it with ease — it’s obvious you really know your stuff and love the subject matter.  
Sandy M.

Yoga Parties
2 hours with light refreshments $69/person
mats and blankets available
Wine can be supplied if desired

Private Parties here at the studio or at your home or location

 yoga class

What is Yoga?

Yoga is not a religion nor should it interfear with your current religious practice. I have been questioned on this many times. If you are not stable in your faith and feel that this could lead you astray it may not be for you. For the record I am a Christian and practice yoga to keep my body free from aches and pains, although I honor your beliefs and you as a person. I practiced for 10 years and kept my bad neck and back relatively pain free, but when I gave up my practice I fell apart. So now I am back to a regular practice and I still lead Bible Studies. The occasional person who judges yoga need not apply. Yoga is about LOVE AND KINDNESS above all else.

Yoga is a gentle way to stretch and awaken your body
Improves posture
Improves breathing
Helps to learn how to release tension as it arises in life
“You are never too old (or too young)” to do yoga. Every person’s body is different. Flexibility
varies from person to person. Therefore, you have to listen to “your” body and learn what “your” body is saying.
Hatha Yoga’s main theme is maintaining the health and integrity of the spine.
Hatha Yoga is for the gentle stretching of the body. It awakens the body by moving it through it’s full range of motion – stretching, strengthening, and balancing each part. This consists of forward bends, modified backbends, twists, modified inversions, standing, and balancing poses as well as relaxation and breathing techniques.
These movements; along with the conscious use of the breath, removes stiffness and tension from the body. Poses were developed to improve posture, promote health, and increase vitality and energy.

Yoga Terms
BEGINNING YOGA Get that strength, balance, and flexibility back into your life in a gentle but challenging way. Various poses, breath work, and relaxation techniques will be taught in this class. Learn how to modify the poses for your body or condition. No experience in yoga necessary. More of a therapeutic yoga.

STRENGTHENING YOGA: A flowing style of yoga for students who love yoga and are ready for a new challenge. A more advanced yoga in holding poses longer, advanced poses, and various styles of yoga. No experience in yoga necessary.

PRIVATE YOGA LESSON: $100 hour at your home. Group rate available for more than 6.
Travel fees apply if outside of a ten mile radius (use Wellington Ampitheator as a start point to figure miles)
All classes are modified for specific medical conditions

General Guidelines
Wear loose comfortable clothing
Yoga should be done on an empty stomach. If hungry, eat fruit or other light snacks before yoga.
Approach to Yoga is common sense. LISTEN to your body. If it hurts, “DO NOT” do it!
Adopt an attitude of gentle experimenting rather than “performing” your postures.
Don’t stretch to be flexible….Stretch to feel GOOD!
Avoid comparing your body’s ability with others’.
If you have a medical problem, discuss with your doctor first before doing Yoga.
Sherri has taught yoga to people with various medical conditions such as MS, scoliosis, various back problems, strokes, POTS, HBP, chronic fatique, fibromyalgia, etc.

Gift certificates are available

For Private classes call 561-254-4949 or email


Thank you for the kind words;

Hi Sherri, 
I had lunch the other day with my friend , Elaine and we were discussing our best yoga instructor ever and your name came up immediately.  I do miss our many productive conversations and the beneficial yoga sessions you taught us.  I try to keep up, but both Elaine and I have never found anyone as good as you for our instructor.  We both miss you but are happy for you in your new surroundings.